An irreproachable suture

SERAG-WIESSNER has been manufacturing sutures for over 150 years with unparalleled know-how. Exclusively at Delynov.

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SERAFAST (Absorbable)


Absorbable monofilament (10-15 days) in Polyglycolic Acid – Capro Lactone (PGACL), ideal for implantology.

SERALENE (Non Absorbable)


Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) monofilament, ideal for periodontal surgery.

SERALON (Non Absorbable)


Monofilament in Polyamide (PA), very economical! ideal for implantology.

SERAMON (Non Absorbable)

Monofilament in Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), ideal for GBRs!

SERAFIT (Absorbable)

Absorbable braided thread (15-20 days) in Polyglycolic Acid (PGA), ideal for extractions and / or surgeries.

SERAPID (Absorbable)

Absorbable braided thread (3-7 days) in Polyglycolic Acid (PGA), ideal for endodontics.

Serag & Wiessner suture thread, a flawless medical suture thread for flawless surgery. Unequaled know-how. Exclusive to Delynov. A whole range of absorbable and non-absorbable sutures. Don't know which suture to choose? We are here to advise you. Serag & Wiessner sutures are ideal threads for any type of suture or suture technique. Suture thread at an attractive price. suture after tooth extraction, suture after wisdom tooth extraction, suture after 24h, suture after 6h, suture after operation, u-point suture surgery suture, overlock suture, surgical suture, suture to the face, suture to the chin scar, disinfection before suture , time before suture, suture at a general practitioner, open suture, suture delay, suture in the mouth, suture in the head, suture in the mouth, simple suture technique suture of the tongue suture of suture deep suture suspended suture of the skull suture of a wound suture of a severed nerve absorbable suture u suture cross suture difference between suture and ligature painful suture glue suture suture by staples suture by gluing suture by surgical staples suture by laser suture by intradermal suture suture pass instrument suture time suture wireless suture without anesthesia suture without scar suture without tension suture without stitch suture without clamp suture san s pain without suture suture subcutaneous suture under skin suture under tension suture under tension challenge suture on tongue suture on gum suture on head suture on open wound suture on skull suture vs stitches suture versus staples suture versus adhesive tissue suture face suture a wound glue suture straight suture suture inside tongue suture thread suture flat surface suture quotation home suture, sutures, stitches.